Our Mission

We thrive to help our clients have global impact

Our mission is partly the mission of each of our clients, because in order to be able to lead them towards success, we take the strain and end up incorporating part of our client' missions.

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Our Values

The core values behind
our work

At Logiin we all have some soft skills in common, we are motivated, hard work, creative, well disposed, oriented to make people fell integrated and happy, simple, open minded and all this means that when our clients know us they  continue to see us, always, as the right partnership to achieve their goals.


Our team strives for excellence and for a good execution. We first hear exactly what the client wants and only after collecting this information we can guarantee the best solution and the best service.


It is not our intention to leave our customers out of pocket, so we are friendly in our financial approach


Our desire is for our clients to grow sustainably and side by side with Logiin. But ultimately the stage belongs to our clients.

Team Work

The Logiin team is here to always cooperate with the clients and looking for the best solution. We have with us a group of multidisciplinary people who work as a team with the clients so that they, also feel part of our team.

About The Team

A great company has a great team behind

We are new but we are here to stay!

Our Team

Meet our incredible team

João is our CEO. He is an IT expert and very oriented to the solution. He has a great spirit and he makes us feel integrated and motivated. He is our mentor!

Vanda is our Deputy Manager Director. She is the one that handles almost everything. She's ours right hand and is always available for helping either with knowledge or getting to work. She is our example!

Inês is our Relationship Business Manager. She is very nice and is the newest member of our crew but she fell's like she is already part of this great family. She came to Logiin to  manage relationships with both partners and all actual and future team members

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