team selection

Contract talents.

Let's work together, assembling your ideal team.

Optimized hiring   Our process streamlines the acquisition of human capital and gets your project off the ground swiftly. We´ll publish your job requirements to attract the best local talents. You may join in selection process; however, you don’t need to engage in the actual hiring logistics.
Full protection   We efficiently handle human resources issues for you. Even in the scenario of a problematic relation with a worker, don’t worry about legal risks involved in termination.
Focus and control   Your in-house team can now focus on the business objectives and while maintaining detailed feedback and control over the resulting product.
Flexibility   Select the people you want on your team and for how long you need them. Your work relation can be open-ended, episodic or temporary. You can empower them to interact directly with your clients and stakeholders or keep them behind the scenes.


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